Tuesday, December 18, 2012

what to do what to do...

First I have to tell you - I have a bit of inner turmoil going on. I ordered the ChaLean program from beachbody and joined a 90 day challenge. The challenge starts Jan 2nd and my videos and shakes should be here Dec 20th. I plan to start right away. Here is where my inner turmoil starts. First the coach told me to enjoy the holidays, dont over do it and be ready to go by Jan 2nd. Then hubby tells me yesterday ... enjoy the next few days, quit stressing about food. When the videos get here or right after xmas start them and go hard core. Well that wasnt my plan. My plan right now is to stay ON PLAN.... wavering a bit for things I have been looking forward to for Christmas (its only once a year) and then immediately back on track. But now ALL I want to do is relax, bake cookies and enjoy the holidays in all its glory and forget watching my calories, forget working out. AND I KNOW THAT IS NOT THE RIGHT THING TO DO! I know it but its still freaking hard. There will always be something - a holiday, party, birthday, vacation - coming... you cant wait forever to start!

Second - my running goals for 2013. Im torn on what to do for that aswell. I pretty much decided to do the columbia half marathon but pretty sure thats not in my friend Laura's plans anymore. Yes I can do it myself. But one the timing wasnt the best for me - its two days before we go to Texas. And two, training for a half is so much more fun when you know someone else is running it too and doing all the training.  Yes I have decided that I am still doing a half in the spring and the Iron Girl Half  may still be the race. Pretty sure the race needs to be in April training wise and dont have the time to go further away and there isnt many options that early in the season around here.

Also need to figure out my running plan for January - I really want to do the resolution run on New Years day... need to work out the logistics.

My events for 2013 so far...
January 1st - Resolution run??? 
February - ???
March 30th - the bunny run 5k
April 28th - Iron girl half marathon
May 18th - Warrior Dash
June 1st - TOUGH MUDDER!!!!

After tough mudder I will map out my summer and fall plans... debating full vs half marathon in the fall. Havent decided yet.


  1. Christina, what is your current pace per mile?

    1. my comfy pace is about 10:30 but my 5k race pace is alittle over 9min/mile and my speed drills are at a 8:20ish. I have came a long way from my old 13 min mile :)

  2. :) If you were a 12: I was going to offer to run the half with you!! I have it on my schedule (havent officially signed up yet, but hoping) Im hoping to increase my speed this winter, but I wont make it to 10:30!!!

    1. Deb are you local? Im not sure I realized that! If you run it we should meet up before hand! oh it starts at 7am... ok maybe after :) Ifyou are doing it and trining feel free to email me we can keep tabs on training! christinasavage2@gmail.com

  3. I know several women doing the half in April.

    I'm not sure if I will be up for it, like I thought I would. I will reach out to them this week and link you ladies up.

  4. Im Western PA. So not local local, but close... my email address is debsdailylife at aol dot com. ID love to keep in touch!!!